Lesson 5: Create a role

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a role and assign permissions to it.

About this task

The process template that you use to create a project area defines a set of roles. You might need to create additional roles. For example, if your team employs interns, you might want to create a role that permits them to perform a reduced set of actions.

To create an Intern role:


  1. Log out. Log on as Bert. From Administration menu icon, the Administration menu icon, click Manage Users. Click Create User. Enter a name, user ID, and Email address for a user. Specify user@example.com for the Email address. Select JazzUsers repository permissions. Select the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management - Developer license. Click Save to create the user. We use Hal as the name of this user.
  2. From the Project Areas menu, select the Customization Tutorial Project (Change Management) project area. Click Roles. Click Add Role icon, the Add Role icon. Name the new role Intern and specify a similar identifier. The Cardinality setting has no effect and is meant provide guidance about whether the role should be assigned to one member or multiple members. Click Save to save the project area.
    Screen capture showing two section. In the Defined Roles section, Intern is selected. The Role Details section includes the Identifier and Name fields, and a Cardinality field with two radio buttons: single and many. many is selected.
  3. The next step is to assign permissions to the Intern role. Click Permissions. Select the Intern role. Grant permission for the following operations:
    • Dashboards > Save Personal Dashboard
    • Planning > Save Plan
    • Source Control > Deliver
    • Work Items > Delete Query
    • Work Items > Save Work Item
    • Work Items > Save Attachment
    • Work Items > Modify Attachment
  4. Click Save to save the project area.
  5. Now add Hal to the team area and assign him the Intern role. Click Overview. In the Team Hierarchy section, click Admin UI team. In the Members section, click Add. Enter Hal's name, select him, then click Add and Close. In the Actions column for Hal, click Process Roles icon, the Process Roles icon. Assign the Intern role, then click OK. Click Save to save the team area. Click Cancel when prompted to send Hal an invitation.


You have created a role for interns that grants them fewer permissions than the Team Member role has but more than the Everyone role has. Unlike members who have only the Everyone role, users with the Intern role can modify plans and work on files that are under source control.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned how to perform the following tasks:
  • Create a role
  • Assign permissions to the role