Lesson 1: Create a lifecycle project and assign roles

In this lesson, you will create a lifecycle project that creates change and configuration management and quality management project areas. You will then add yourself as a member of each project area and assign yourself roles in each project area.

About this task

To create a lifecycle project and assign roles:


  1. Log on to the Jazz® Team Server Administration Home page (https://fully-qualified-host-name:9443/jts/admin) as a user who has JazzAdmins repository permissions and the following Client Access Licenses (CALs):
    • IBM® Engineering Test Management - Quality Professional
    • IBM Engineering Workflow Management - Developer

    Throughout this tutorial, we refer to this user as Bert.

  2. In the Manage Lifecycle Projects section, click Create Lifecycle Project.
  3. Enter a name, such as Customization Tutorial Project. In the Template field, select Quality Professional, Developer, which creates project areas in the quality management and change and configuration management applications. By default each project area is named based on the lifecycle project name. For example: Customization Tutorial Project (Change Management). You can specify different names by editing them in the Artifact Containers section. Click Save.
  4. Now that the lifecycle project and its project areas have been created, add yourself as a member of each project area and assign yourself a role within those project areas. Click Show Project Members. Click Add Member icon. Enter your user ID. Select it and click Add & Close. The Member Preview section shows that you will be added to both project areas. Click Save.
    Member Preview section listing Bert
  5. In the Actions column for your name, click Show Member Details icon, the Show Member Details icon. The Member Details section shows that you are a member both project areas and have read access to them.
    Member Details section

    In the Actions cell for Customization Tutorial Project (Change Management), click Edit the user's process roles icon, the Edit the user's process roles icon. In the Process Roles window, assign yourself the Product Owner role, then click OK. Repeat this procedure for the Quality Management project area. In Quality Management, assign yourself the Test Team Member role.


You have now added yourself as a member to both project areas and assigned yourself a role in each project area.
Member Details section showing the process role that Bert has in each of the project areas

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned how to perform the following tasks:
  • Create a lifecycle project that creates project areas in the Change and Configuration Management and Quality Management applications.
  • Add users as members of the project areas that belong to the lifecycle project.
  • Assign roles to members within the project areas.