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Lesson 4.2: Edit Project synchronization rule

In this lesson, you will learn how to edit the Project synchronization rule to map the Project record type to the Category item type. Because the predefined process templates, such as Scrum, require an entry in the Filed Against field (the Category property), you must edit the synchronization rules to specify how to set the value of this field during incoming synchronization operations. One way to set the category property is to map the name of a stateless record, such as Project, to the category property.

Before you begin

Note: To edit synchronization rules, you must use the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse client. Create a repository connection to the Jazz™ Team Server repository that contains the project area you created previously. Log in to that repository with the user name and password of the user account that you created for the ClearQuest® Synchronizer, such as cqsynchronizer.

About this task

The Defect record type contains a Project field, which is a Reference to the Project record type. You create a project record for each value that you want to map to the Category property. During incoming synchronization, the ClearQuest Synchronizer uses the value of the Project field in the Defect record to set the value of the Filed Against field in the work item.

To edit the project synchronization rule:


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click the repository connection and select Administer > Synchronization Rules. In the Synchronization Rules view, expand the node for the CQ Synchronizer Tutorial project area to see the synchronization rules that the ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup Wizard generated.
  2. Double-click the synchronization rule for the Project record type to open it. If you named the project area CQ Synchronizer Tutorial, the rule is named com.ibm.rational.clearquest.Project.CQ Synchronizer Tutorial.
  3. In the Synchronization Rule Editor, perform the following steps:
    1. In the Item type field in the Type Mapping section, select Category - com.ibm.team.workitem.
    2. In the Property Mappings section, select all properties and click Remove.
    3. Click Initialize to generate a new set of property mappings based on the Category item type. The Description and Name properties should appear, as shown below.
    4. Click Save to save your changes to the synchronization rule.

    This figure shows the Property Mappings table of the Project synchronization rule. The table contains column headings for Item Property and External Property. The table has two rows: one with Description in the Item Property and External Property cells; and one with Name in the Item Property and External Property cells.

What to do next

Now that you have edited the Project synchronization rule to map the Project record type to the Category item type, you must edit the Defect record type synchronization rule to map the Project field to the Filed Against field. You do this in the next lesson.
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