Get started with the Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer

This tutorial walks you through the process of configuring the ClearQuest® Synchronizer so that you can synchronize Rational® ClearQuest records with IBM® Engineering Workflow Management work items. This tutorial assumes that you are performing the steps on a Windows environment.

Learning objectives

In this tutorial, you learn how to perform the following tasks:
  • Assign a role with necessary permissions to an administrative user in the Jazz® repository.
  • Start the ClearQuest Gateway.
  • Use the ClearQuest Synchronizer Setup Wizard to configure your ClearQuest and Jazz environments.
  • Modify synchronization rules in the Synchronization Rules Editor.
  • Enable outgoing synchronization for a Jazz Team Server.
  • Modify properties of an external repository connection.
  • Test the configured environment.

Time required

You should plan on spending two to three hours on this tutorial.