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Introduction: Control access to project areas and their artifacts

This tutorial describes how to use access control features to determine who can access a project area and its artifacts, such as work items, streams, and components.
In your role as project manager, you can restrict access to your project area. You also have flexibility to control who can see work items and the categories that work items are filed against. You can also restrict access to specific work items. Finally, you have the ability to restrict access to source control streams, components, folders, and files.

Learning objectives

  • View the access control settings for a project area and understand the default setting.
  • Change the access control setting so that users who are not members of the project area hierarchy have access.
  • Create a work item category and associate it with a team area.
  • Restrict visibility to a work item category, and restrict access to work items that are filed against that category.
  • Create an access group that consists of a team area and specific users.
  • Add the Restricted Access presentation to the work item editor.
  • Control access to specific work items by changing values in the Restricted Access field.
  • Restrict access to streams and components to members of a team area.
  • Restrict access to folders and files under source control to a specific user.

Time required

This tutorial should take approximately two hours to finish.

Skill level



This tutorial is intended for project managers.

System requirements

For this tutorial, these products must be installed and configured:
  • IBM® Engineering Workflow Management.
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