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Create a schedule for future synchronizations

Synchronization is managed by the synchronization engine process, which runs synchronizations at scheduled times. You can also request a synchronization at any time. In this lesson, you schedule and run a synchronization.


To modify the synchronization schedule for a stream:

  1. In IBM® Engineering Workflow Management, in the ClearCase Synchronized Streams view, right-click the stream, and click Open Synchronization Schedule.
  2. In the Schedule section, select Enabled, and then click the scheduled time in the table.
  3. To the right, edit the build time and days, and then click Save.

    Build schedule

  4. To request synchronization of a stream, select it, and click the Synchronize (Synchronize icon) icon on the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view toolbar. Synchronization starts as soon as the synchronization build engine discovers the request. The synchronization build engine checks for requests at a frequency specified (in seconds) by the stream's BUILD_ENGINE_SLEEP_TIME property.
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