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Load imported files to a Rational Team Concert workspace

In this lesson, you load the contents of a repository workspace into a local Eclipse workspace, so that you can work with the project contents.

About this task

When you create a repository workspace, you are given the option to load it immediately. You can also load a repository workspace, or unload it, at any time. Loading a repository workspace copies all of the components in it into the Eclipse workspace, or into the sandbox, that is associated with your current repository connection.

To load a repository workspace:


  1. In Rational® Team Concert®, open the Pending Changes view by clicking Window > Show View > Pending Changes.
  2. Right-click the repository workspace, and click Accept. In this tutorial, the repository workspace is named king_tutor.
  3. Right-click the repository workspace again, and the select Load.
  4. In the Load Repository Workspace page, select choose Find and load Eclipse projects to search the repository workspace to load, and click Next.
  5. In the Load Eclipse Projects page, select the projects to load, and click Next.
  6. In the Repository Folders to Load page, select the folders to load, and click Finish.


The selected projects or folders are loaded into your Eclipse workspace. In the next lesson, you deliver changes in a synchronized environment.

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