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Introduction: Get started with the ClearCase Synchronizer

Learn how to synchronize files between Rational® ClearCase® and IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM).
EWM includes the ClearCase Synchronizer, which supports bidirectional synchronization between Rational ClearCase source control and EWM.

The ClearCase Synchronizer requires that you configure a synchronization host, create a synchronization process account in the repository, and add it to the team area.

Learning objectives

  • Create a ClearCase Synchronized Stream and merge workspace.
  • Synchronize files between Rational ClearCase and EWM.
  • Create a schedule for future synchronizations.

Time required

This tutorial should take approximately 60 minutes to finish. If you explore other concepts related to this tutorial, it could take longer to complete.

Skill level



Setting up the synchronizer requires expertise in both Rational ClearCase and EWM administration.

System requirements

  • You must install EWM with the ClearCase Synchronizer for synchronization to be successful.


Before you begin this tutorial, you must complete the following steps:
  • To successfully run the synchronization engine process on the synchronization host, you must select an account under which the process can run. This account must have permission to perform all necessary Rational ClearCase operations on the synchronization host. For more information, see Selecting an operating system account for the synchronization process.
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