Import files and folders from

In this lesson, you select files and folders from Rational® ClearCase® to synchronize.

About this task

It is recommended as a good practice that you initially import a small set of files and folders to verify that the synchronization host is configured properly. After these roots have been successfully imported, you can select a parent synchronization root that is located above all of the initial Rational ClearCase synchronization roots. After that parent has been imported, the child synchronization roots can be removed from the list for that synchronized stream.


  1. Open the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management client. You must be logged on to a host that can access the Rational ClearCase view that is associated with the synchronized stream.
  2. If you do not have the ClearCase Synchronized Streams view open, from the menu, click Window > Show View > Other, expand Jazz Source Control, click ClearCase Synchronized Streams, and then click OK.
  3. In the ClearCase Sychronized Streams view, select a stream to add files and folders, and then click the Select Files to Synchronize icon (Select Files to Synchronize icon).
  4. On the Select Files To Synchronize page:
    1. Select Select files and folders in ClearCase.
    2. To select files and folders by browsing mounted VOBs, click Browse to display VOBs that are mounted by the synchronization host.
      Note: When you select a folder, that folder and the entire subtree below it are selected for import.
    3. When you have finished selecting files and folders, click OK to close the browser and display the selected paths in the list.
      Select files to synchronize page
  5. Click Finish to begin importing the specified files and folders.


You can monitor synchronization status in the ClearCase Synchronized Streams view. When the import completes successfully, the status message Import succeeded on date: date and time displays in the status column. To see the synchronization details, right-click the synchronization stream, and click Open Latest Synchronization Details. You can click the Logs tab to open the log files.

In the next lesson, you load the imported files from Rational ClearCase to the Engineering Workflow Management workspace.