Create a ClearCase Synchronized Stream and merge workspace

In this lesson, you use the Jazz administrative user to create a IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) source control stream and associate the stream with an existing Rational® ClearCase® stream.

About this task

A merge workspace is a repository workspace where you can resolve conflicts that occur when a file or folder has been modified in parallel in Rational ClearCase and EWM source control.

To create a ClearCase Synchronized Stream:


  1. In EWM, in the Team Artifact view, click the project area that you want to add the new stream.
  2. From the menu, click File > New > Other.
  3. Expand Jazz Source Control, click ClearCase Synchronized Stream, and then click Next.
  4. In the ClearCase Stream Information page:
    1. Select Import from an existing UCM stream.
    2. In the ClearCase stream selector field, type the name of an existing stream in the form stream-name@PVOB-tag. In this tutorial, the stream name is foxtrot@\king_tut_pvob.
      Tip: Use the cleartool lsstream command to search for stream names.
      ClearCase Stream Information page
    3. Click Next.
  5. In the ClearCase Storage Information page:
    1. Type the network path to the directory where the wizard can create view storage for the Rational ClearCase dynamic view to enable synchronization between EWM and Rational ClearCase. In this tutorial, the network path is \\QWIN137\VIEWSTORAGE.
      ClearCase Storage Information page
    2. Select the line ending type of text files that are stored in the Rational ClearCase VOB to ensure that the line ending type of text files is preserved when importing to the EWM repository.
    3. Click Next.
  6. In the Select Project or Team Area page, expand the repository entry, and select the project or team area to which you added the Jazz administrative user, and then click Next.
    Tip: If there are no entries under the repository, verify that you are connected to the project area, and then try again.
  7. The Jazz Source Control Information page displays the name of a merge workspace that is going to be created.

    You can make the following changes:

    1. Edit the merge workspace name.
    2. Select Specify a snapshot to be used as initial content of Jazz synchronized stream, and then click Browse to select a snapshot as the initial content. The synchronization or import operation creates EWM source control change sets, in addition to the existing content of the selected snapshot.
    3. Choose a work item template to associate with the synchronized stream. You can type the work item ID in the Work Item Template section, or click Browse to display a Work Item Selection window. For more information, see Creating a synchronized stream work item template.
    4. The default user ID, ccsync, is displayed in the User ID field. If the Jazz administrative user name that you created in this tutorial is different from the default, you can edit it.
    5. Type the password for the user ID.
    6. In the Install location field, type the path name where the ClearCase Synchronizer is installed on the host, or click Browse to search for it.
      Note: The ClearCase Synchronizer is typically installed in the EWM installation directory.
    7. For this tutorial, clear the check boxes for Start the Select Files wizard after this wizard finishes. The next lesson demonstrates how to import files.
    8. Click Finish.


You can see the status of the stream creation in the ClearCase Synchronized Streams view under the Status column:
Status of stream creation is successful.

In the next lesson, you specify files and folders to synchronize between the two systems.