Add a process role to the Jazz administrative user

In this lesson, you assign the proper permissions to the Jazz administrative user.

About this task

The user must have process permissions in that team or project area to perform a specified role.


  1. In IBM® Engineering Workflow Management, in the Members section of the project editor, click the name of the user that you created in the previous lesson, and then click Process Roles. For this example, the name is ccsync.
  2. In the Process Roles page, select Team Member in the Available Roles field, and then click Add to move it to the Assigned Roles field.
  3. When you are finished adding roles, click Finish. The user now has a process role:
    Assigning a process role to a user.
  4. Click Save to save your changes to the team area.


The Jazz administrative user for the synchronization process now has permissions to create and modify workspaces, streams, components, build engines, build definitions, and work items in that team or project area.

In the next lesson, you create a ClearCase® Synchronized Stream and merge workspace using the Jazz administrative user.