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Lesson 6: Schedule the sprint review

In the last lesson, you logged in as the scrum master to review the project status. In this lesson, you continue as the scrum master and schedule the review meetings.

About this task

An important part of the scrum process is the sprint review meeting. The first part of this process is showing demos to the stakeholders. The second part of the process is the retrospective, which is sometimes called the reflection.


  1. In the Login window, log in as the scrum master by typing marco in both the User ID and Password fields.
  2. Open the Sprint Backlog in the your project by clicking Plans > All Plans, and then clicking Sprint Backlog [Sprint 1 (1.0)].
  3. After the demos are shown to stakeholders, add feedback and comments about the review to the sprint plan:
    1. In the open plan, click the Notes tab, and then click Edit.
    2. Record feedback and comments about the sprint review, and then click Save.
    The next part of the sprint review meeting is the retrospective, or reflection. The team discusses what went well, what did not go well, and what they plan to do.
  4. To schedule the reflection meeting and track the team's comments and plans, use the Retrospective work item type, which is part of the Scrum process template:
    1. From the menu, click Work items, and then click Retrospective.
    2. In the Summary field, type Sprint 1 Retrospective.
    3. From the File Against field, select your project.
    4. From the Planned For field, select Sprint 1.
    5. In the Notes section, type a description, such as Discuss what went well, what didn’t, and how we can improve.
    6. Click Save.

      Here is an example of a retrospective in progress:


Team members can add thoughts to the Discussion section, and the team can review the discussion at the meeting.
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