Rational Team Concert as an OSLC service consumer

IBM® Rational Team Concert™ consumes common services that other OSLC domains provide for data sharing.
Rational Team Concert consumes services that these OSLC domains and specifications provide:
  • Change Management* V1, V2
  • Quality Management V1, V2
  • Requirements Management V1, V2
*Do not configure Rational Team Concert to consume its own OSLC interface. The support is for cross-repository and cross-tool communication only.
Rational Team Concert consumes these OSLC core services that the supported domains provide:
  • These services display delegated user-interface dialog boxes:
    • Resource creation: Displays a dialog box that enables a user of a web application to create a resource in an OSLC service provider.
    • Resource selection: Displays a dialog box that enables a user of a web application to select a resource that an OSLC service provider manages.
  • User-interface previews (compact rendering, rich hover): Display summary information about linked resources when a user hovers over a link.

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