This section describes how to create reports in IBM® Engineering Workflow Management.

Change and Configuration Management (CCM) reporting

If you want to customize reports or write cross-project reports, you can also report using the Jazz Reporting Service Report Builder. Report Builder includes several predefined agile reports to meet your reporting needs.

About the change and configuration management BIRT reports
The Change and Configuration Management application includes a number of predefined BIRT reports that you can use to identify trends in your project. The predefined reports are organized into reporting categories, such as build reports, source control reports, and work item reports.
Using change and configuration management BIRT reports to get status
The change and configuration management application includes a set of predefined BIRT reports to help you get status on your project. This topic outlines some useful reports that can help you get started evaluating and tracking the status of projects.
Change and configuration artifacts
The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) data dictionary for change and configuration management artifacts shows how you can begin mapping elements to artifacts in ELM from the FM model and the REST API.
Change and configuration management reportable REST API
The Change and configuration management (CCM) application provides a reportable REST API, which can be used by live reports and by data collection jobs to access CCM application data.