This section contains reference information for IBM® Engineering Workflow Management.
Source control command line reference
Engineering Workflow Management source control includes a command line interface that provides flexible, scriptable access to essential Engineering Workflow Management source control operations from any command shell.
Work item Email notification template syntax
By using templates, you can customize the content of Email messages that are sent to users to notify them of changes to work items.
Syntax for plans
Use quick query syntax to find, filter, and colorize work items in a plan; use wiki syntax for formatting text.
Operation preconditions and follow-up actions
You can modify the behavior for operations in a project area or team area by defining preconditions and follow-up actions that are required for individual operations. Preconditions are conditions that must be met before an operation can be completed. Follow-up actions are events that are generated, like work items that are created, when the operation is completed.
Windows preferences for the Engineering Workflow Management client for Eclipse IDE
Within the Engineering Workflow Management client for Eclipse IDE, you can set Windows preferences to control the behavior of certain aspects of the client.

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