Managing change and releases

This section shows you how to use IBM® Engineering Workflow Management to manage change and releases.
Getting started with change management
Get started working with your project's change management process, work items, and integrations with other change management tools.
Getting started with configuration management
Get started with your project's configuration management process, source control, builds, and integration with other configuration management tools.
Getting started with the IBM Engineering Workflow Management client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
Engineering Workflow Management client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE is a team collaboration tool that is designed to cater to the needs of different roles available in a team. Engineering Workflow Management works on the client-server architecture.
Tracking work by using work items
Team members can use work items to view and track work items that are assigned to them or submitted against the categories for which they are responsible. Project managers can use work items to plan development work for iterations and obtain metrics that indicate the progress toward development and quality goals.
Managing source code in Engineering Workflow Management source control
This section contains task and concept topics that describe how to manage source code in Engineering Workflow Management source control.
Working with builds in Engineering Workflow Management Build
Your team can use the Engineering Workflow Management Build component to define and manage your builds. Your team can have build awareness through progress monitoring, alerts, result viewing, and links from builds to other artifacts such as change sets and work items.
Packaging and deploying with Enterprise Extensions
You can use the deployments and packages components to gather your built artifacts and move them to another location. Packaging and deployment are part of a multistep process that retrieves build output, packages the output, transfers or copies the package to another location, and then deploys it to corresponding containers and runtime environments in test or production systems.
Promoting artifacts with Enterprise Extensions
Set up Enterprise Extensions promotions to systematically move your artifacts up a development-to-production hierarchy.

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