Taking workspace snapshots

A workspace snapshot is a baseline of all components in a repository workspace. You can take a workspace snapshot to create a record of the configuration of all components. Whenever you want, you can return to the previous snapshot configuration.

Before you begin

Before taking a workspace snapshot, ensure that the workspace has components.


  1. In the Pending Changes tool window or in the Team Artifacts tool window, right-click a repository workspace and click New Snapshot. You can also right-click a stream and click New Snapshot.
  2. Type a name for the snapshot.
  3. Optional: To create new baselines created even if they already exist, select Create new baselines.
  4. Optional: To take the snapshot for a few components, click Advanced, and select the components.
  5. Click OK. The baselines are displayed in the Outgoing folder of each component.

What to do next

You can deliver the snapshot to Engineering Workflow Management source control. To view snapshots and their contents, right-click a stream or a workspace; then click Show Snapshots. In the search window, right-click a snapshot; then click Open.

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