Tagging builds

Tagging a build helps you to easily identify the builds for search purpose. For example, you can tag every milestone build with the milestone name. Later, when you search the build, you just have to enter the tag name. A tag is a single word with no spaces. You can associate multiple tags to a build result.


  1. In the Team Artifacts window, open the project area, and navigate to the Build Definitions folder.
  2. Right-click the build name, the builds that you want to tag; and then click Show Build Results.
  3. In the Builds window, right-click a build result that you want to tag, and click Tag Build.
  4. Type the tag name, and click OK.

What to do next

You can search the tagged builds. To search the tagged builds, right-click a build name in the Build Definitions folder, and click Search for Tagged Builds. Type a tag name, and click OK.

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