Searching for change sets

A project can contain multiple change sets. You can search for change sets inEngineering Workflow Management source control.

Before you begin

You have change sets in the repository.


  1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, click IBM EWM > Search > Change Sets.
  2. In Repository, select a repository. If you are not connected to the repository, click Logon to get connected.
  3. Optional: To search change sets in a component, in the Component field, browse to a component location.
  4. Optional: To search change sets in a workspace or a stream, in the Location field, select Workspace/Stream.
  5. Optional: To search suspended change sets in the Suspended by field, select Current User if you suspended the change sets. To specify a user, select Other user.
  6. Optional: To limit the number of search results, in the Max resultsfield, type a numeric value.
  7. Optional: To search based on the creator of the change set, in the Creator field, select Current User. To specify a user, select Other User.
  8. Optional: To limit the search result within a time period, select dates in the Created after and Created before fields.
  9. Optional: To search change sets for a file, in the Modifies field, click Browse and select a file. You can browse to a file only after selecting the location of the change sets.
  10. Optional: In the Name begins with field, type a text string that identifies the name of the change set.
  11. Optional: To search for a type of change set, select Search by type and select a change set type.
  12. Click Search.

What to do next

Right-click the search results to perform the following actions on the change sets:
  • Open in Change Explorer: Opens the change set in the Change Explorer tool window.
  • Reverse: Reverses the changes made in the selected change set.
  • Associate Work Item: Associates a work item with the change set.
  • Remove Work Item: Removes a work item from the change set.
  • Related Artifacts > Associate Change Request: Associate or remove a change request if the change set is associated with a change request in a different repository

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