Searching for snapshots

You can search for a snapshot by its name for a particular workspace or stream.

Before you begin

You must have created snapshots. For more information about snapshots, see Taking a workspace snapshot.

About this task

In addition to searching snapshots, you can also view snapshots for a stream or repository workspace from the Team Artifacts window. To view snapshots, right-click a stream or repository workspace and click Show Snapshots.


  1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, click IBM EWM > Search > Snapshots.
  2. In Repository, select a repository. If you are not connected to the repository, click Logon to get connected.
  3. Click Select Workspace or Stream to select a workspace or stream.
  4. Optional: Type in the snapshot name.
  5. Optional: Select a user name who owns the workspace or stream.
  6. Click Search.

What to do next

Now, you can do the following:
  • New Repository Workspace from Snapshot: Creates a new repository workspace from the snapshot.
  • New Stream from Snapshot: Creates a new stream from the snapshot.
  • Set Owner: Associates a snapshot to a stream or workspace.
  • Demote: Disassociates a snapshot from a stream or workspace.
  • Compare With: Compares a snapshot with another snapshot or a snapshot from a stream or workspace.

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