Retrieving specific work items

Every work item has a unique ID. You can retrieve a work item by its ID or by the text string contained in the work item summary, description, and other attributes.


  1. In the field, provided at the bottom of the Work Items tool window, type a work item ID or a text string that might be contained in the work item.
  2. Optional: To change the project area, click Search and select a project area.
  3. To view the work item, press Enter.
  4. Optional: You can apply filters on query results to show only the work items matching the filter criteria. To view work items that contain certain text, in the Work Items window start typing the text. To add filter strings on individual columns, click the Filter button in the work item window toolbar. You can also apply multi-level filters. For example, all Defect type work items filed by a specific user.

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