Migrating from another Source Control provider to Jazz

If you are using a Source Control Management (SCM) tool such as Rational® ClearCase® or Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, and want to move to Rational Team Concert™ source control, you must migrate the source control bindings to Rational Team Concert source control to perform source control operations in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.

Before you begin

The following information focuses on the migration of source control bindings, which maintains file history. It does not cover migration of the source control artifacts. The screen capture displays Rational ClearCase as source control bindings.


  1. Create and load a repository workspace into a file area. For more information about creating and loading a repository workspace, see the topics about Creating a repository workspace and Loading a repository workspace.
  2. In Windows explorer, copy the solution structure from the file area of the previous provider to the root file area where you loaded the repository workspace.
  3. Remove the read-only attribute for the entire folder structure. To remove read-only attribute, right-click the root folder and click Properties; and then clear Read-only.
  4. In the solution files, remove the entire section GlobalSection(SourceControlProvider). In the project files, remove all four lines that begin with (Scc...).
    Figure 1. Sample solution file with Rational ClearCase source control binding

    Solution file

    Figure 2. Sample project file with Rational ClearCase source control binding

    Project file

    Note: In addition to changing SCM, if you are also upgrading to the newer version of Microsoft Visual Studio (For example, the projects that you are trying to migrate were created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or earlier), and your current source control provider is not available in the version of Visual Studio that you want to use with Rational Team Concert source control, the upgrade stops until you complete step 4. The following error is displayed:

    Error while changing source control and upgrading Visual Studio

  5. After removing the existing source control bindings, open the solution again and share it. For more information about adding solution, see Adding solution to the repository.
    Tip: While sharing the solution, you can add rules to ignore files that remain from the previous source control provider.

What to do next

Now, you can deliver the solution to the repository.

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