Locating change sets

You can determine which streams, repository workspaces, or snapshots contain a change set or set of change sets.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, right-click a change set; then click Locate Change Sets.
    Note: You can open the editor from any other locations that display change sets, such as the Change Explorer view, History view, or Links page of the Work Item editor. You can also select one or more work items from the Work Items view and open the Locate Change Sets editor to display all change sets associated with those work items.
  2. In the Locate Change Sets editor, in the Change sets area, add change sets or work items to search for. You can drag one or more work items into the Change Sets area from Work Items view or the Work Item History Node in the Team Artifacts view.
  3. In the Search Targets area, add streams, repository workspaces, or snapshots to search change sets in. You can add one or more streams, repository workspaces, or snapshots into the Search Targets area from other views, such as the Team Artifacts view or Search view. In the Search Targets area, you can also right-click an item to display the context menu. The context menu provides options to get details or perform actions on the search targets from within the editor.
    Note: You can add individual Project Area or Repository nodes from the Team Artifacts view. However, when you perform this action, all streams under those nodes, including streams owned by child team areas, are added to the Search Targets area. This action can be time-consuming if there are many streams owned by those Project Areas or Team Areas.