Creating work items

Work items help project managers keep track of the work assigned to each team member. Work items are also used to see the progress of a team or project. The team members can use work items to keep track of their work.


  1. In the Team Artifacts tool window, expand the project area node, right-click Work Items, and click New > Work Item. You can also create a work item while associating a work item with a change set. For more information about associating a work item with a change set, see Associating a work item with a change set topic.
  2. In the Create New Work Item window, select a work item type.
  3. Optional: To change to another project area of the same repository, click Back.
  4. Click Finish. The work item editor opens. Type the values for work item attributes.
  5. Optional: To add related work items, click the Links tab. Click Add; then click the option that specifies the relationship that you want to establish.
  6. Save the work item changes.

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