Creating queries

You can customize the search for work items by creating queries. A query consists of conditions that your search is based on. For example, you can create a query that returns all open work items for the current iteration. You can create as many queries as you want.

About this task

IBM Engineering Workflow Management client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE uses an integrated web-based work item query editor. Because the editor does not open in a web browser, you can interact with other views in the Visual Studio client. When you run a query from the editor, the results are displayed in the Work Items results view. You can make changes in the editor and see the results without having to save the query. New queries are made available in the Team Artifacts Navigator view. You can create queries for either your own use or for sharing it with the whole team.


  1. In the Team Artifacts tool window, expand the project area node, right-click Work Items and click New > Query.
    Alternatively, you can create queries from the Work Items tool window by clicking Create New Query icon.
    The Web browser opens.
  2. Log in to the Web client.
    The query editor opens.
  3. Type in the query name and specify the conditions. To specify condition values when you run the query, in the query editor, click the Enable Input of Condition Values when Query is Run icon in the upper-right corner of the condition area.
  4. Click Save. To view the newly created query, refresh the Work Items folder.

What to do next

Now, you can run the query from the Team Artifacts window or from the Work Items window.
To run a query from the Team Artifacts window:
  1. Expand the Work Items folder; then the My Queries folder.
  2. Double-click a query or right-click a query and click Show Work Items
To run a query from the Work Items window:
  1. From the Work items toolbar, click Run query.
  2. In the Run Query window, select a query and click OK.