Ant build toolkit

The Ant build toolkit is a set of Ant tasks that communicate between a build machine and a Jazz™ repository. You can use these tasks to perform various operations on a build. For example, use Ant tasks to update a build result with progress information. Using the toolkit is optional, but it provides several features that are useful to most builds. You can use the toolkit for any build that can invoke Ant.

Indicating build progress

The startBuildActivity and completeBuildActivity tasks enable a build to provide detailed progress information. These tasks enable you to associate activity labels with build steps, such as compiling, testing, or packaging. For advanced builds, the tasks support hierarchical and parallel activities.

If you are running builds, you can view build activity states and durations in the build result editor, on the Activities page.

Publishing build artifacts

Most builds produce useful output, such as an executable program, a compressed file, or other artifacts. The artifactLinkPublisher and artifactFilePublisher tasks enable your build to publish these artifacts. The artifacts are available in the build result editor, on the Downloads page.

Publishing build logs

The Jazz Build Engine automatically publishes the entire build log. However, the build can also produce other log files. You can use the logPublisher task to publish these additional logs. All logs are available in the build result editor, on the Logs page.

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