Troubleshooting client-server connection issues

This topic includes information about how to troubleshoot client-server connection issues.

About this task

For information about how to set up a client to connect to a server, see Connecting to repositories and project areas.

The table below lists common reasons why a client-server connection might fail.

Problem What to check

The server has not started

To make sure that the server is started, contact the server administrator.

The client cannot access the server

The client might be behind a firewall that prevents it from connecting to the server. For more information about connecting to the server from behind a firewall, see The VS Client fails to login to the Jazz server. How do I get it to work?.

The user name and password that were entered are incorrect

The credentials that you entered might be incorrect. If you tried to log on several times, you might have exceeded the number of login attempts, and the account is locked.

The user does not have permission to do an operation

If you try to do an operation that you do not have privileges to do, the operation will fail and you might see errors or warnings. For example, if only the team leader has privileges to create a stream and a developer tries to create a stream, the stream will not be created.

A login operation was canceled during an ongoing operation

If you accidentally cancel a login operation and another operation requires login, the operation that requires login will fail. For example, while you are creating a repository workspace, you might be prompted to enter your credentials to log on. If you accidentally cancel the login attempt, you cannot create the workspace.

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