Measuring server response times

Jazz Metronome is a diagnostic tool that is useful for collecting information about operations that take longer that expected. You can use Jazz Metronome to measure the response times between the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management client and the Jazz™ Team Server. Jazz Metronome also tracks which services and methods are called, the cumulative elapsed time in each request, and the slowest time.

About this task

The client often communicates with the server through specific services which are listed on the services page. You can relate the names to a particular product area The client also needs to retrieve information about particular objects, as opposed to requiring a service be performed on the server. Some of the retrieved information is cached. The Item Manager page provides information about cache hits and misses. This information helps you determine when you need to go to the server to get information and when you can use information previously obtained.

The Repositories page lists the repository connections, which includes the connections listed in the Team Artifacts view and any shared references. This information is useful for troubleshooting connection issues on renamed servers.


  1. To enable Jazz Metronome:
    1. Click Window > Preferences.
    2. Go to Team > Jazz Source Control.
    3. On the Jazz Source Control page, select Show traffic statistics in the status bar.
    4. Click Apply.
  2. To test the connection speed:
    1. In the lower right corner of the IBM Engineering Workflow Management client, click the Open Jazz Metronome icon.
    2. In the Jazz Metronome window, click the Connection tab.
    3. On the Connection page, click Test Connection Speed. After the test completes, observe the results.
  3. To reset the counters, on the Services page, click Reset.

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