Getting started: Team lead

These steps can get you started as a team lead.

About this task


  1. Define your team and invite team members
    1. Create a team area
    2. Add existing users
    3. Define work item categories for your team
  2. Create plans and assign work
    1. Creating plans
    2. Create and assign work items to team members
    3. Define queries to find and manage work items
    4. Modifying multiple work items simultaneously
  3. Add your team's source code to the repository
    1. Learn about Jazz™ source control
    2. Organize your project into components and streams
    3. Add code to source control
  4. Set up builds
    1. Read an overview of Jazz builds
    2. Learn about Jazz Ant tasks
    3. Setting up builds and viewing results
  5. Set up a team dashboard
    1. Create a team dashboard
    2. Add and organize content on the dashboard
  6. Create and manage reports
    1. Authoring reports
    2. Managing reports
      Tutorial: The JUnit example project is a great way to start exploring. Complete the following tutorial to get started: Tutorial: Exploring the Engineering Workflow Management JUnit example project.

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