Planning the release

During this phase, the team agrees on the release plan. The release plan defines the high-level requirements and describes how the team will develop and test the release.

This graphic is a workflow diagram that shows the tasks that
make up the larger plan the release task. Click this area to get information about developing a vision Click here to get information about organizing requirements Click here to get information about planning the project Click here to get information about planning the test effort

To plan the release, the team performs these tasks:

  1. The business analyst works with stakeholders to develop a vision document and related artifacts that define the high-level scope and purpose of the product.
  2. The business analyst organizes requirements and supporting artifacts in the project structure and then works with stakeholders and team leads to define, prioritize, and obtain approval of a set of requirements.
  3. The project manager creates the release plan, links the requirements collection to the release plan, and creates plan items that are linked to the requirements. The project manager then identifies the schedule of development iterations and describes the development work in plan items. The team then prioritizes the plan items. The business analyst updates the requirements to reflect the team's decisions.
  4. The test manager creates a test plan, defines the quality objectives for the release, creates test cases, links the test cases to corresponding requirements, and defines the platform and test environments.
  5. The team leads assess the full plan and commit to the development and testing work required to implement the approved requirements.

Before you begin

Before you plan the release, you must install the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management, assign client access licenses to users, and configure the project environment.