Fixing defects and verifying

This topic describes how to find defects that the testing team submits, deliver fixes for the defects, and run a team build to create a new version of the project that includes the fixes.
graphic is a workflow diagram that shows the tasks that make up the
larger fix defects and verify task. s_calm_querying_for_defects.html s_calm_fixing_delivering_building.html s_calm_verify_fix.html s_calm_assessing_iteration_completeness.html

To fix defects and verify that they have been fixed, the team completes these tasks:

  1. The development lead queries for defects, determines which defects to address in the current iteration, and assigns those defects to developers.
  2. Developers review their assigned defects, check in changes to fix the defects, run personal builds to test their changes, and deliver their changes to the stream. The release engineer then runs a team build to create a new version of the project that includes the fixes.
  3. The testing team deploys the new build and runs their tests to verify that the defects have been fixed.
  4. The project manager configures dashboards and the release plan to display information required to determine whether the work planned for the current iteration has been completed and tested.

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