Member list shows incorrect local changes

The ISPF client member list might show changed members, although no changes have been made to the members.

It is possible for a member list in the ISPF client to display members as having been changed, or dirty, without any changes being made in the ISPF client. This is a known problem, with a simple fix.

If a user edits a zFile using the Eclipse client, and any extra spaces are added before the user presses the Enter key to create a new line, those extra spaces are saved as part of the zFile.

When the ISPF editor loads that member, the extra spaces that were saved in the Eclipse client are removed, along with any extra spaces on a line before the line delimiter. Therefore, the member on disk has been changed from what it contained originally, and the member displays as having been modified. The first time that an ISPF developer delivers the member, whether any changes have been made since the member was loaded in the ISPF client or not, the member no longer displays as a changed file.