Testing the connection

Use telnet to test the connection to the agent.

Note: Connecting to the agent using telnet for this test requires that telnet support for the agent is enabled. To enable support make sure that the keyword disable_telnet_support is commented in the agent configuration file.

To test the connection from the command line, do the following:

  1. Connect to the agent with a telnet command. If you are logged on to the host where the agent is running, you can use localhost as the host name.
    telnet hostname 5555
    This response indicates a successful connection:
    200 HELLO - BuildForge Agent v7.0.1.buildnumber
  2. Check authentication by issuing the following commands, using your login credentials:
    telnet localhost 5555
    username user name
    password  password
    cmd ping
    Note: The commands are not processed until you type the go command.
The following output of a telnet session is typical. In particular look for RESULT 0 at the end of the output as an indication of success.
200 HELLO - BuildForge Agent v7.1.0.0-0-0241
username bgreen
password rtc4fun
cmd ping
320 AUTH AuthOk["bgreen"]
320 SET EnvSet["BF_AGENT_PLATFORM","os/390 19.00 03"]
320 EXEC Locale["C"]
320 PTY Pty[*PtyPipe]
320 EXEC Locale["C"]
320 EXEC ExecShellPath["/bin/sh"]
310 PLAT os/390 19.00 03
320 PING PingOk
251 RESULT 0
260 EOR