Connecting to local Sametime applications

The Jazz™ collaboration tools support synchronous collaboration with the IBM® Lotus® Sametime Connect application and the Sametime client that is embedded in IBM Lotus Notes®. Supported versions are 7.5.1, 8.0.x, or 8.5.x. You can start peer chats and multi-user chats with several participants.

Before you begin

You installed IBM Lotus Sametime Connect or the Sametime client that is embedded in IBM Lotus Notes (versions 7.5.1, 8.0.x, or 8.5.x).
Note: If you installed previous Jazz integration plug-ins in your Sametime client, you must reinstall the Sametime client.


  1. Configure Sametime:
    1. Open the plugin_customization.ini file in the Sametime installation directory. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Sametime Connect\rcp (stand-alone client) or C:\notes\framework\rcp (embedded client). For 7.5.1 or 8.0.x, set the following property:
      For 8.5.x, set the following property:

      If the property does not exist, add it to the file.

    2. Start your Sametime application.
    3. In the standalone client, click Tools > Plug-ins > Install Plug-ins. In the embedded client, click File > Applications > Install.
    4. Select Search for new features to install and click Next.
    5. Click Add Folder Location and select the TEAM_CONCERT/sametime folder, where TEAM_CONCERT is the location on your file system where you installed IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM).
    6. Click OK.
    7. In the Name field, enter Team Concert Update Site, and click OK.
    8. Select the new local update site and click Finish.
    9. In the Search Results window, expand the results and select the items under the Jazz Collaboration category. For Lotus Sametime Version 8.0.1 or prior, select the test fixes relevant to your version of the Sametime client. Click Next.
    10. Accept the license agreement and click Finish.
    11. Restart Sametime.
  2. Configure Sametime with your Jazz repository connection:
    1. Click File > Preferences.
    2. In the Preferences Window, expand Jazz and click Repository Connections.
      Note: You must be logged in to the Jazz Team Server to edit instant messaging preferences.
    3. On the Repository Connections page, click Add.
    4. In the Add Repository Connection dialog box, in the URI field, specify your Jazz repository URI. For example,
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click Apply.
  3. Connect EWM to your running Sametime application:
    1. Click Window > Preferences.
    2. In the Preferences Window, click Instant Messaging.
    3. On the Instant Messaging page, click Add.
    4. In the Add IM Account dialog box, in the Provider field, select the appropriate Sametime service provider version from the list.
      Note: If you select the wrong service provider version, you cannot establish a connection.
    5. In the Sametime ID field, type your Sametime user identifier.
      Note: Depending on your Sametime server environment, in particular when you use LDAP to authenticate Sametime users, the Sametime ID can be different from the ID that you enter when you log in to Sametime. If you have login problems when you use the Sametime ID that is specified in the Add IM Account dialog box, contact your Sametime administrator.
    6. Optional: To specify the path of the executable file on the local file system, select the Automatically start application check box.
    7. Click OK.
    8. On the Instant Messaging page, select the account and click Connect. The account displays in bold green to reflect your online status.
    You can start chatting with team members.

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