Connecting to Jabber servers

Rational Team Concert™ can connect to several servers that support the XMPP protocol. Jazz™ has built-in support for chat using the XMPP protocol in general and tested with Jabber. Other messaging servers with XMPP protocol have not been tested.

Before you begin

You or an administrator have already installed and configured the Jabber server.


  1. Click Window > Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences Window, click Instant Messaging.
  3. On the Instant Messaging page, click Add.
  4. In the Add IM Account dialog box, in the Provider field, select Jabber XMPP Server from the list.
  5. Depending on the server configuration, you edit some or all of the following fields:
    • In the Server field type the server URI or localhost for a local test server.
    • In the User ID field, type a Jabber user identifier or use an existing one provided by the Jabber server administrator.
    • In the Password field, type a new password or use an existing one provided by the Jabber server administrator.
    • In the Resource field, to indicate your status or geographic location, type an optional XMPP resource, such as Home, Office, or Travelling.
    Note: If you have a new Jabber server installed, you can automatically create a new Jabber user ID and initial password. To connect to an existing Jabber server, you might need to contact your administrator to get a Jabber user ID and password.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To connect to a Jabber server, on the Instant Messaging page, click Connect. The IM account displays in bold green to reflect your online status.


You can start chatting with team members.

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