Viewing build results

You can view build results, such as execution summaries, logs, and properties. A build result is available as soon as the build request begins processing. When you open a build result in progress, you can view build progress from the Activities tab of the build result editor. You can also refresh a build result that is in progress. The tabs available in the build result editor depend on the configuration of the build definition; for example, non Java™ builds do not have JUnit results.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the project folder.
  2. Expand the Builds folder and locate the build name in the list.
  3. Right-click the build name; then click Show Build Results.
  4. In the Builds view, right-click the build name; then click Open.
    The build results editor opens. The view label is the build identifier.
  5. For more information, complete any of the following steps:
    • To view a summary of build execution statistics and contributions, click Overview. For Engineering Workflow Management source control-enabled builds, use the Snapshot and Repository Workspace links to view the built source code files. You can reproduce a build by opening the snapshot, creating a repository workspace from it and loading the code. This method is useful for fixing build issues.
      Note: In the Contribution Summary area, the Work Items field includes the work items that are associated with the change sets that are accepted into the build workspace at the start of the build. The change sets must be accepted into the workspace as part of the build for the work item links to show up. If you push change sets directly to the build workspace, the change sets show up in the Show changes link but the work items are not associated with the build.

      The Show changes link displays the changes between the current build snapshot and the snapshot from the most recent completed, non-deleted, non-personal build.

    • To view a tree list of compile source modules, click Compilation.
    • To view a tree list of test items for unit tests that are run during the build, click Tests.
    • To view a list of logs for the build, click Logs. You can also attach a file or link to the build result, edit the name and description for a log, or remove a log. If you make a change, click Save.
    • To view a list of the activities that occurred during the build, click Activities.
    • To view a list of artifact downloads for the build, click Downloads. You can add a file or link to the list. If you make a change, click Save.
    • To view a list of external links for the build, click External Links.
    • To view a list of build properties set for the build, click Properties.

    You can configure the maximum number of build results displayed in the Builds view by setting it as a preference in the Eclipse client. To configure the maximum number of build results displayed in the Builds view:

    1. In Eclipse client, click Windows > Preferences > Team Build.
    2. For Maximum number of build results to be shown in the Build Results view, enter a numerical value greater than 0 (zero) or select a value from the drop-down list.
    3. Click Apply and then click OK.