Requesting builds

You can request a build from the Team Artifacts view. You can also change build properties or request a personal build that does not impact the build definition status and that runs on a workspace that you specify.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the project folder.
  2. Expand the Builds folder and locate the build name in the list.
  3. Right-click the build name; then click Request Build.
  4. Optional: To request a personal build that does not impact the build definition status and that runs on a repository workspace that you specify, in the Build Options pane, select Personal Build. If required, update the Repository workspace and Component load rules fields.
    Note: Personal builds and component load rules are only available when the build definition editor has Engineering Workflow Management source control configured. Also, component load rules are available only when you select Load component by using a load rule file on the Jazz Source Control page of the build definition editor. Personal builds do not accept incoming changes, even if the option to accept incoming changes is enabled in the build definition.
  5. Optional: Start of changeTo change build properties, expand the Build Properties pane and use the Add or the Remove button to add or remove the build property in the list. You can use the Edit button to open the Edit Build Property window to update the build property name, value, and description of one build property. The build properties that you specify here override any build properties that are specified in the build definition or build engine.
    Note: You cannot change required build properties. You specify required build properties when you define a build.
    End of change
  6. In the Request Build dialog box, click Submit.

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