Overview of build results

The overview of a build result is displayed in the Overview tab of the Build Result Editor.

About this task

The Build Status area shows current status of the build as well as the time for the build. If the build is in progress, you can refresh to get the latest build status.

The Contribution Summary section shows the summary of various artifacts contributed to the build as well as the links to the details. You can drill down to detailed information by clicking on the links. Note that the Snapshot is not the one you specify in the build definition. It is the snapshot created by this build.

Associated Release section allows you to create a release and associate it with this build.

Reported Work Items section shows work items that have been associated with this build.

General Information section shows who requested the build, the build definition and build engine used in the build. You can specify a tag to tag this build result. You can also choose to allow the deletion of build result or not.

To look at the overview information of a build request:


  1. Open the build result in the build result editor if it has not been opened yet. To open the build result:
    1. From the Team Artifacts view, expand the node for the project area; then expand Builds folder and locate a build definition in the list.
    2. Right-click the build definition name to bring up the popup menu. Click Show Build Results to bring up the Builds view.
    3. Find the build result in the list. The label of the result is the timestamp when the build is submitted.
    4. Double click the build result to open it in the Build Result Editor.
  2. To look at the details of compilation result, click the compilation summary link. This brings you to the Compilation tab.
  3. To look at the change sets accepted in the build, click the Show changes link.
  4. To look at the log files, click the link for the log files. This brings you to the Logs tab.
  5. Similarly, click on other links to see the corresponding details.