Flowing changes to a build workspace from different repositories

If you use distributed source control to flow changes to a build workspace from streams in different repositories, you must reference a repository.txt file when you start the Jazz® Build Engine. A repository.txt file contains login information for multiple repositories.

Before you begin

You have enabled distributed source control. For more information, see Enabling distributed source control.

About this task

Use the source control command line interface (CLI) to log in to each repository that you are flowing changes from. This creates corresponding entries in the repository.txt file. The repository.txt file is created when the first login entry is created.


  1. Navigate to JazzInstallDir\scmtools\eclipse.
  2. Create a login entry for each repository. For example, type scm.exe login --repository-uri RepositoryURI --username username --password password, where:
    1. repositoryURI is your repository URI. For example, https://hostname.example.com:9443/ccm/
    2. username is the build user name.
    3. password is the build user password.
    The repository.txt file is created. The default location is C:/Documents and Settings/username/.jazz-scm. With Windows 7, if the LOCALAPPDATA variable is set, the default location is %LOCALAPPDATA%/jazz-scm.
  3. Start the Jazz Build Engine using the -repositories argument. For example, type jbe.exe -repositories C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Local\jazz-scm\repositories.txt -repository https://hostname.example.com:9443/ccm/ -engineId engine1.