Component promotion

With component promotion, you replace an entire component in the target stream with a component in the snapshot from the most recent successful source build result. You also move all of the outputs that are not already moved, all the build maps, and source code data. A target build is automatically run as part of component promotion. Nothing in the promoted components is built in the target build.

You can use component promotion to flow all of the dependency build artifacts that are associated with one or more components from a source level to a target level in your promotion hierarchy. Component promotion replaces the selected components in the target stream with the components in the snapshot that is associated with the latest source build result, and will also copy all of the source code data for the selected components from the source to the target level. All build outputs that are not promoted yet are copied from the source level to the target level on the build machine, and all associated build maps are copied to the target level. A target build is requested as part of the promotion, and no programs are rebuilt in the promoted components.

In the case of a source build enabled to consider additional flows, the components that come from the additional flows must be available for the target build. They are available if they are contained in the target build definition stream or if they flow to the target build definition workspace and the definition is in turn also enabled to consider additional flows. See Resolving dependencies from components in a different stream.

To promote component-based artifacts, the following tasks are required:

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