Configuring the project for simulation builds

Before you can run a simulation, you must change the team configuration for the project area to specify which user roles have permission to run simulation builds.

Before you begin

  • To grant permission for running simulation builds to your team, you must be an administrator. Grant this permission judiciously because of the specialized nature of simulation builds and the impact that simulation builds have on future dependency builds.
  • To set up and run simulation builds, you must have a Developer for IBM® Enterprise Platforms client access license.


  1. From the Eclipse client, open your project area by right-clicking the project area and selecting Open.
  2. On the Process Configuration tab, expand the Team Configuration node and click Permissions.
  3. Click Show actions by role and select the role that you want to grant the simulation build permissions to. In the Permitted Actions pane, expand Dependency Build and then select the Request Simulation Build (client) check box.
  4. Optional: Grant permission to other roles by repeating step 3. Alternatively, you can click Show all actions and roles and select the Request Simulation Build (client) check box for each role.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To simulate a z/OS® build on another operating system, you must modify your z/OS Build System Toolkit by completing these extra steps:
    1. Ensure that you have a registered IBMid, and then download a copy of the ibmjzos.jar file from Java™ Standard Edition Products on z/OS. Find the correct version of the SDK and then click the link to download the non-SMP/E format of the code.
    2. Extract the contents of downloaded file and locate the .jar file in this directory download_dir/lib/ext/ibmjzos.jar.
    3. Add the ibmjzos.jar to the same directory where you installed your Build System Toolkit. The directory is the same as the directory that is listed for the BLD_TOOLKIT variable in your build agent configuration. For details, see Installing and configuring the Build System Toolkit on z/OS systems.

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