Simulating dependency builds

A simulation build generates dependency build metadata such as build maps, time stamps, and build paths, without building or compiling the source files.

About this task

Because simulation builds generate dependency build metadata, simulation builds are useful for moving application builds to dependency build templates.

Simulation builds save time and system resources. When you set up a multilevel development hierarchy, such as development, test, and production, simulation builds save time and system resources because you can generate the metadata for each level of the hierarchy without running the build for each level. Also, because source files are not being built or compiled, you can run simulation builds on Windows or Linux systems in addition to z/OS® and IBM® i systems.

Simulation builds and preview builds are similar, but be sure to know the difference. A preview build shows a preview of the build without building anything or producing build results. A simulation build affects future team builds by producing a build result and updating build maps. Use simulation builds judiciously.