Requesting a z/OS or IBM i deployment

To deploy a package, request a deployment from the deployment definition you associated with a build agent on a deployment server. The deployment uses the information that you included in your deployment definition to deploy a package to a runtime environment.

About this task

To request a z/OS® or IBM® i deployment, you must first create a z/OS or IBM i deployment definition.


  1. Expand your project area, and then expand Enterprise Extensions > Deployments. Right-click your z/OS or IBM i deployment definition.
  2. Select Request Deployment.
    The Request Deployment wizard opens.
  3. Expand the Deployment Options node and select one of the following deployment types:
    • Load and deploy: Default. This option starts the Load and Deploy actions that you specified in your deployment definition.
    • Load: This option transfers a package from the packaging server to the deployment server by using the transfer method you specified in your deployment definition.
    • Deploy: On an IBM i or z/OS system, this option deploys and loads the package to your runtime environment based on the properties that you specified in your deployment definition.
    • Rollback: By default, this option rolls back the last package that was successfully deployed to its previously deployed state. Starting with version 5.0.1, deployment definitions can be configured to save any number of deployed packages so that you can roll back any saved packages that were successfully deployed.

      If the value for Maximum number of rollbacks to keep is set to 0, all rollback archives are saved on the deployment server. To free up space on the server, you must delete obsolete rollback archives manually or by using a scheduled cleanup program.

  4. Click Select to specify a package to deploy or roll back. The Select Package wizard opens.
    Note: If the option to roll back multiple packages is not enabled for your deployment definition, then only the last package that was successfully deployed can be rolled back. For more details, see one of the following topics:
    1. Select a package from the list.
      After you select a package, in the Package Details field, the Select Package wizard displays more details about the objects or members that you packaged.
    2. Click OK
  5. Optional: Select Personal Deploy.
    Click Add, Edit, or Remove to modify the library or PDS locations.
  6. Optional: Select Open summary work item.
  7. Click Submit.

What to do next

Now you can check your deployment results. For more information, see Checking deployment results.