Preparing your environment

You must prepare your development environment before you define builds with Ant with Enterprise Extensions.

Before you configure your development environment, you must also have performed the following tasks:
  • Prepared a Jazz® Team Server. See Installing the server on z/OS® for information about server installation and configuration.
  • Created a Project Area.
  • Created a user to perform the builds. Edit the user and verify that the build user has the following client access license:
    • Developer for IBM® Enterprise Platforms
  • Modified the process configuration to enable the user to save data set definitions, language definitions, and translators.
  • Installed and configured an Eclipse client. The client should have a repository connection defined for your Jazz Team Server and be connected to your project area.
  • The Build System Toolkit should be installed on the z/OS system that performs builds.
  • The Rational® Build Agent should be installed and configured on the z/OS system that performs builds.

For more information about preparing your development environment for using the Rational Build Agent and Ant with Enterprise Extensions, refer to the following topics: