Building with Ant with Enterprise Extensions and the Rational Build Agent

The Ant with Enterprise Extensions build template is a build definition for z/OS® that uses the Rational® Build Agent build engine and a version of the Ant build toolkit that has been extended to work on z/OS.

Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool similar to the UNIX make utility. With Ant, you can describe the steps that are required to build an application using an XML-based script. Ant with Enterprise Extensions is a set of extensions to Apache Ant that makes it possible to build z/OS-based applications using Ant. Saving an Ant with Enterprise Extensions build template requires a Developer for IBM® Enterprise Platforms client access license (CAL).

Tip: You can use the language definition generator tool to automatically create the data set definitions, translators, and language definitions used for z/OS builds. For more information on the language definition generator, see z/OS system definitions generator.

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