rbfEngineProperty Element

Code rbfEngineProperty elements to specify configuration details for a Rational Build Forge build engine.

The rbfEngineProperty element accepts two attributes, name and value, which are both required. Other build properties can be referenced when specifying a value using the ${propertyName} format

The following table describes the valid values for the rbfEngineProperty element attributes.

name value Description
com.ibm.rational.connector.buildforge.hostname   Hostname: The URL where the Rational Build Forge server is located.
com.ibm.rational.connector.buildforge.password   Password: Password for the Rational Build Forge server.
com.ibm.rational.buildforge.buildagent.port   Port: The port for the Rational Build Forge server. The default port is 3966. If Secure is true, the port 49150 is used.



Secure: Specify true if the Rational Build Forge has been set up for secure communication in the buildforge_conf folder. The default value is false.
com.ibm.rational.buildforge.buildagent.userid   Userid: User ID for the Rational Build Forge server.

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