Packaging and deployment

This section describes the Ant tasks that you can use to request a package to be created for a specified packaging definition and to request a deployment for a specified deployment definition. There must be an active Jazz® Build Engine supporting the build definition for a successful request to occur.

The requestPackage and requestDeploy tasks can be substituted for the requestTeamBuild Ant task, so that other Ant tasks, such as the waitForTeamBuild task, can be used to wait for these packaging or deployment build requests to complete.

The retrieveChildrenWorkItems task retrieves all of the descendent work items for one or more parent work items that you provide as input. This task can be used before the requestPackage task, to package a set of work items including all of their children.

Note: To use these Ant tasks, the userId specified in the requests must have a Developer for IBM® Enterprise Platforms license. Also, the userId must have a team role with permissions to request packages and deployments.