PARMLIB changes

Use various commands to set APF authorizations and modify PARMLIB definitions.

Refer to MVS™ Initialization and Tuning Reference (SA22-7592) for more information about the PARMLIB definitions listed here. Refer to MVS™ System Commands (SA22-7627) for more information about the sample console commands.

APF authorizations in PROGxx

For Job Monitor to access JES spool files, the following must be APF-authorized:
  • Module BLZJMON in the hlq.SBLZAUTH load library, where hlq is the high-level qualifier you used during SMP/E installation.
  • The Language Environment® (LE) runtime libraries (CEE.SCEERUN*)

APF authorizations are defined in SYS1.PARMLIB(PROGxx), if your site follows IBM® recommendations.

You can set APF authorizations dynamically with the following console commands, where volser is the volume on which the data set resides if it is not SMS-managed:


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