Promoting artifacts with Enterprise Extensions

Set up Enterprise Extensions promotions to systematically move your artifacts up a development-to-production hierarchy.

Promotion is the control of artifacts as they flow up the hierarchy from development to test to production on an IBM® i or z/OS® system. A promotion definition is used with a source and target dependency build definition to move source code, build outputs, and build maps from one level of the hierarchy to the next.

Promoting artifacts from a source level to a target level in the promotion hierarchy must include source code data and generated build maps that are used in dependency builds, in addition to source code and outputs.

Note: To set up and run promotions, you must have a Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms client access license (CAL).
Important: Add the JAZZ_USER property to your build definition or build engine. Set the Value field to the value of the JAZZ_USER environment variable that is defined in the script that you use to start the Rational Build Agent on your build machine. If you do not add a JAZZ_USER property with build, package, and promotion permissions, the ADMIN ID is used to run promotions and packages by default. The ADMIN ID typically does not have the required permissions, so your promotions and packages fail.

You can promote artifacts at the component level or from work items, as described in these promotion sections.

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