Live logging for builds

With Live logging, you can view the progress of your running builds in real-time as the builds run each step and generate the log, using a dedicated console view. To use live logging, you need to have deployed a build toolkit that is version 6.0.6 or later on the machine where the builds run.

Live logging uses the MQTT protocol to send the build progress information to the interested clients. Therefore, an MQTT broker needs to be configured to be able to use this feature. Note that live logging is optional for dependency builds. If you do not want to use it, you do not need to configure anything extra in your dependency builds.

The following diagram provides a general overview of the components that comprise this feature.
Overview of components of live logging
The eclipse client and build toolkit will retrieve from the CCM application configuration the information about the MQTT broker to use. Information about the progress of the build will be published and consumed using the broker.